Wednesday, 19 June 2013

First Magazine Feature

About two months ago, I received an email asking if I would be interested to do an email interview that will be featured in the June issue of Motherhood Magazine. I took it up! The tough part wasn't actually answering the questions but to find a high resolution photograph of me and Miley! Photos taken with our mobile phones wouldn't be good enough for print and the only time we use a proper camera is usually during travel but then I'm usually the one behind the camera. And all parents would know how difficult it is to get a good shot with children, plus it had to be a recent picture, so that was really tough. Fortunately, there was that ONE SHOT taken at the breakfast table in Maldives!

Very excited when I got my hands on the magazine although it was only a small feature (on page 113). They had shorten my answers for print and here's the original version.

How would you describe your parenting approach/philosophy?
Not trying to be more then just parents. As parents, our duty is to protect and provide for them but not to live their lifes for them. Let them choose what they want to do by exposing them to as many options and guiding them in the positive direction with an open mind. When they grow older, let them experience life and the difficulties they may face will only allow them to learn better about themselves and eventually live the life they want to live.

Before and after fatherhood: how has being a dad changed you?
I'm still the same me except that most of my free time is now spent with my daughter. Before becoming a dad, my wife and I wouldn't mind spending our weekends doing nothing at home.  Now with a kid, we go out more often either to the outdoor for fresh air or just anywhere that we could engage in family activities together.

What is the biggest challenge you face as a dad, and how do you overcome it?
The biggest challenge is to overcome the guilt in me when I occasionally choose to go out with friends for dinner and catchup instead of rushing home to company my daughter after work. I just have to tell myself that it’s ok and everyone deserves a break. I don’t want to grow old with a happy family to only find out that I have lost all my friends.

What is the most rewarding thing about being a dad?
To have someone point her little finger at you and call you “Daddy” with a wide smile every time she sees you.

Please share an oft-overlooked/underrated tip/advice for other dads.
Daddy does matters and plays an important part in a child’s development, especially if you have a daughter. Studies have shown that girls would tend seek daddies for comfort and assurance from toddler up to their teenage years. Those who receive would grow up to become more confident with higher self-esteem. Do not think that comforting girls is a mummy’s job.

Since then I kept reminding myself to pass over the camera and here's another nice picture to end this post, taken during our China trip. Tag #prouddad #jealousmum

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