Sunday, 24 March 2013

Addicted to gadgets

I think most kids nowadays are addicted to mobile gadgets especially iPads and iPhones. This is unavoidable when kids loves to emulate their parents who usually owns one of these gadgets. It definitely sparks their curiosity to see an adult using the device everyday. Speaking of which, at times we had to use our phones secretly under the table, behind the pillow etc to avoid letting Miley see the device. My mum says her iPad is now Miley's as its loaded with all her apps and she has no priority to use it because Miley would snatch it away at the sight of it! haha... While some parents by all means and ways tried to disallow their kids to use these gadgets, we allow her to use it to watch kids nursery videos and play with interactive apps for kids now and then - whenever we needed a break or to distract her from something else that is a bigger no-no.

At 16 months old, Miley is quite an active girl. Definitely influenced by these videos she watches for she can now sing the last word of several nursery rhymes' phrases! When you sing "Twinkle twinkle little .....", she will say "Star!". She can count 1 to 7 and she grooves to the Gangnam Style song! Was at a friend's birthday party the other day and obviously most kids probably know this song through YouTube.

Someone said that kids who watched too much video or TV will become disinterested in books. That's a little worrying. However I also dislike reading despite there were no such gadgets during my time. Maybe in the future all learning will be become interactive as the technology progresses. Nevertheless, we still tried to make her enjoy books from a young age, by buying her a few children's books although it bored her after some time.

In a bid to save cost on books, we recently decided to borrow from public library. The branch at NEX shopping mall has a huge selection for children and a few shelves dedicated for babies. They also have reading corners with tables and chairs for kids. The conditions of the books are pretty decent. Try to select the newer ones if you are concerned with hygiene. Do make sure they wash their hands before meals. The library is also a great place to spend an afternoon together, browsing books and letting her run around the carpeted flooring. :P

We borrowed 4 books today. Returning 3 weeks later, just about time when the novelty wears off.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

High Fever

Miley was’t her usual bubbly energetic self when I joined my parents and bro-in-law at the KK Children Emergency yesterday evening. When I carried her, she was weak and her body was very warm. She had developed a fever since morning plus rashes on her feet and arms. Fever went down after visiting the doctor but came back in the evening and peaked at 40.2 d.c. Worried that it might be dengue, cos she also LS the day before, my bro-in-law suggested that we bring her to KK for a check. My mum was so worried for her dear grand daughter that she had no appetite and skipped both lunch and dinner.

Her fever had came down to 37.1 d.c. when we left the hospital 5 hours later after consultation, medication, sponging, urine test, observation and of cos waiting…

Poor girl came home at about 1am looking for mummy. The voice recording mummy sent over from Beijing didn’t help but made it worst cos she then started tearing. My mum looked after her last night and said she woke up at 3am looking for mummy. Awww….

Hope she gets well soon by Friday otherwise would have to go for blood test.

加油 Miley Girl! ♥
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