Tuesday, 30 October 2012

First Birthday Party

Celebrated Miley’s first birthday party last Saturday, the weekend before her actual birthday. Do you know she has the same birthday as Hello Kitty which falls on 1st Nov? Maybe that’s why her natural liking for the mouthless cat or does most girls? And so did we happen to get her an agar agar cake with a Hello Kitty face on a big number 1!

We decided to keep the party small after experiencing her first month’s celebration where we had over 100 guest at our house, which was tiring. We didn’t even had time for any photo!. This time a hired a photographer friend Matthew and held the party at Gymboree over at Tanglin Mall where Miley’s goes for her weekly crawl about. It was an intimate gathering where we only invited 10 kids and their parents. An hour of play class followed by 30 minutes of food reception prepared by my mum. Reception was a little short but I guess the focus of the day is the children! Most importantly it was a memorable one. :)

Invite list: Xavier, Cheris, Phoebe, Brantley, Jamie, Scarlett, Seth and Noelle. Caleb and Kataerial couldn’t make it last minute.
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